MODRON Mail-Out March 12 2023

Sending a warm hello to all our readers, 

Today is the day! The first installment of MODRON issue 2 was released at 12noon Sunday 11th March. You can see the list of contents here.

Among the great things in store, we have a poem about the devastating effects of pollution by Abeer Ameer, and an imagined future where humans are the servants of dolphins by Australian Cath Drake. Canadian Michael Goodfellow offers a gorgeous exploration of place, and Pascale Petit marvels at a murmuration. 

Ness Owen considers how a simple jellyfish can gum up the works of a nuclear power station, and writing in prose, Richard Gwyn reflects on our relationships with pets and wild creatures. Finally, there is a great review by Sophie Buchaillard on Tom Bullough’s new book Sarn Helen, which follows the remnants of a Roman road across Wales, considering how the ecological crisis is already changing the landscape and will continue to change it in future. 

This is our second issue funded by the Welsh Council of Books for which we are very thankful. This summer 2023 we will be opening up for poetry submissions for the first time, so watch this space. We are always open to pitches for articles or reviews


Kristian, Zoë, Taz, Siân & Glyn

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