A Poem by Ness Owen

Gathering Blooms

Of all the potential mishaps that

can cause a nuclear plant shutdown,

from an earthquake to operator error,

the one that you might least expect is

a swarm of jellyfish.

What do they see?

A simple creature,

a drifter, a survivor

daring to imagine

power is in connection,

a shared intention,

collective luminescence.

Good ideas will always be battles

but wisdom is in the struggle,

no one starts a revolution alone.

Change starts at the fringes,

instinctive gatherings, places

where hope begins to grow.

The first step is believing

even the smallest creature

can change the world.

Ness Owen lives on Ynys Môn (Anglesey) in Wales where she writes poetry between lecturing and farming. ‘Gathering Blooms’ is taken from Moon Jellyfish Can Barely Swim, due for publication by Parthian in April. Her first collection Mamiaith (Mother Tongue) was published in 2019. Her poems have been translated into five different languages. She has recently taken part in Ù O’ | SUO, a poetry exchange project between Wales and Vietnam, supported by the British Council and co-edited the A470, a bilingual poetry anthology about the infamous road running from the north to the south of Wales. Twitter @nessowen