MODRON Issue 2 is now complete

Sending a warm hello to all our readers. Issue 2 is now complete. In a time of great environmental upheaval, where can we find refuge? Cath Drake’s poem imagines a utopic future where dolphins pass on their wisdom to newly-humbled humans.  Laura Fisk was honoured to gain permission to translate Elin ap Hywel’s moving poem about seeking refuge in … Continue reading MODRON Issue 2 is now complete

Issue 1 of MODRON begins today!

The first instalment of issue 1 of MODRON is released today!  Issue One Contents Installment One 1st October 2022 Taylor Edmonds: ‘My Magnolia Tree’ Rachael Li Ming Chong: ‘The Grasshopper as Thermometer’ Paul Henry: ‘Five Trees Fell’ Karishma Sangtani: ‘lichens’ 3rd October 2022 Community Article: Leanne Wood: ‘The Best Time is Now: Community Energy’ Former Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, explains her … Continue reading Issue 1 of MODRON begins today!