Florrie Crass on Poetry and Folk In The Environment

The climate crisis poses a great threat to our planet but most of us feel helpless to do anything about it. This is why Home Stage has offered a platform for the voiceless through pFITE, a YouTube series which brings creative attention to the environment. Every episode showcases poems and songs inspired by the environment with discussions and motivating environmental stories from hosts Florrie Crass and Maddy Leedham.

For centuries, poetry and folk music have engaged people in a way that the news can’t. They vocalise the voices of the people and unite us through emotion and artistic sensitivity. Home Stage realised that there has never been a better time than now for creatives to use these ancient tools to stimulate change and campaign for a better future.

The aim of pFITE is to re-energise you; to offer you some respite and a reconnection with nature; and to bring together a community of poets and musicians who are enduringly inspired by the natural world.

Home Stage, a platform for showcasing and supporting talented artists, is giving the 2023 pFITE Awards winners an acknowledgment of their contribution to the environment, a cash prize and a charitable donation in their name. Home Stage will be offering promotion for the best entrants through in-person events and gigs, and the next phase of pFITE online is already in the works.

pFITE has emerged at a moment of chaos and crisis to offer some support. It is here to provide an antidote to feelings of helplessness around a global issue that can induce so much fear – thanks to a wealth of entries whose collective message is of hope and reconnection with nature. Entrants range from professional poets and musicians to newcomers, and perhaps even your neighbour next door!

There has been an overwhelming response to the series and we want to continue expanding this community of passionate creatives, providing a place for people to celebrate the planet together.

It’s not too late to catch up on all episodes! By watching you can aid a practical way of engaging people in the climate crisis, making people conscious of and sensitive to today’s biggest challenge, and support artists at all levels. You can watch all episodes on the Home Stage YouTube channel now.

Home Stage is an arts broadcasting company, known for its community involvement in poetry and folk music. Whether they are showcasing emerging artists in their online interview series Meet the Poet, or engaging the growing creative community through specialist discussion groups, workshops and festival appearances, Home Stage’s initiatives enliven the poetry and folk music scenes.

Join our community of musicians and poets in our most important endeavour yet. Join our pFITE now.

Florrie Crass is the poetry host at Home Stage, an arts broadcasting platform, unearth and champion talented poets. They showcase new poetry through online programmes (such as Meet the Poet and pFITE), podcasts, competitions, in-person events, festivals, theatre shows and tours. Home Stage are driven by a desire to enliven poetry for a new generation.