A Poem by Claire Crowther


dry in the hedgeskips

a dunnock sings to her nestling

shatter shatter stalls the rain

I can see a never-dry

in peach curl and grey mould

in the yellow-spotted leaf

while I mop the muck sludge

every dry battletwig

scuttles under tubbans

a dunnock in the hedgeskips

sings to her nestling:

cuculus cuculus

gowk in my hidland

gabbery in my hidland

o fierce cuculus

gabbery: jest    hidland: secret place    cuculus, gowk: cuckoo     battletwig: earwig   tubban: clod 

Claire Crowther has published five collections with Shearsman. Solar Cruise was shortlisted for the Aldeburgh Best First Collection prize and received a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Claire has a PhD in Creative Writing, teaches Creative Writing at Oxford University and is Deputy / Reviews Editor of Long Poem Magazine.